Kindle Cover 8 x 6

Miss Catherine, Edenbridge to Bath Book 2

Catherine's family find themselves shunned by most of the ton due to her cousin Henry's perfidious behaviour. Just as she had completed her first season, with the world at her feet and her planned life before her, she retreats to the family home in Oxfordshire.
Will she ever be able to go to London again or even Bath? Her grandmother Shelton has closed up her house in Bath temporarily and joined her son and family at the principle country seat outside Stroud. What would become of Catherine's life now? What would her brother William do?
Miss Amelia Sprinton, now the Countess of Farleigh, had stood by their family along with her husband the Earl. Friends, were thin on the ground, those she had thought were friends disappeared overnight.
Catherine had envisaged her second season would result in marriage, a family and a comfortable life. Now she saw only spinsterhood ahead of her. Would she ever be able to find love, a love that was strong enough to surmount the family scandal? What was a well brought up young lady to do with her life if not marry? It was what she had been raised to do from birth.

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