Miss Amelia_paperback

Miss Amelia, Edenbridge to Bath Book 1

Amelia Sprinton, daughter of Baron Sprinton, has lived her life in the village of Edenbridge. For as many years as she can remember her marriage to Harold Morton has been an expectation between her father and Squire Morton. While Harold is always polite and friendly, the expected proposal has not yet been made and pressure is being placed on both Harold and Amelia to move forward.
In an effort to forward the marriage, Amelia is sent to visit her grandmother in Bath for a few months. Bath opens up a whole new world to Amelia, a world outside of the sleepy village of Edenbridge. New friends and all the delights of Bath society, show Amelia a world that is far more captivating than the proposed life of being the wife of a future squire.
From the Assembly Room of Bath, to excursions and flirtations, Amelia finds herself caught up in intrigue and love that will change not only Amelia's life but the lives of all those around her.

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